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The location is a unique environment of Verona, a former monastery dating back to 1100 BC then used as commercial spaces, preserves fascinating architecture and heights such as a 9-meter ceiling as well as restored frescoes and unique details. A game of risers and platforms has made it possible to make each session of the venue privileged for the one and only purpose of the world of hospitality, that is to give the customer an atmosphere and welcome first of all to create pleasant and carefree moments, then why not, you can also enjoy fine drinks or something to eat.

Romeo does not have a style but a personality, built over the years and shaped by the more than twenty years of experience of Marco Cosenza and Andrea Cason, the two founding partners of Bartenders srl and related companies. Romeo was born as a synthesis of the professional path of the two partners and at the same time aims to be a precursor of novelty as well as a photograph of the world of international mixing today. Romeo, hence the choice to give it a “human” name, wants to have a unique personality, it is not the updated copy of the styles of famous clubs such as London member clubs, Caribbean tiki bars, modern speakeasies or luxury hotel bars but rather draws the best from these, according to the creativity and experience of the two partners. As when one grows and builds one’s character and personality according to one’s own life experiences, Romeo wants to synthesize this in an environment and an atmosphere, with strengths and weaknesses like any character, but which encompasses everything. From the atmosphere, to the working techniques and the quality of the products to the style of service, every detail is designed to give the customer the best possible experience, in a welcoming and serene atmosphere. The place is always evolving, with the Bartenders srl laboratory behind it, you will always find novelties resulting from the experience and creativity of a company known throughout Italy.